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Critical Steps to Landing a Job in Las Vegas

     There are numerous websites and books out there claiming to be able to help you land a job, but where is there a book or proven system that pinpoints HOW TO find meaningful employment in Las Vegas and throughout Southern Nevada?
     The fact is there are no books to help you master a proven strategy that'll enable you to accelerate the job-search process specifically in Las Vegas.
     Certain material will help you find contacts, counsel you on interviewing techniques, resume writing, proper dress and other basics, but there's nothing out that'll give you the complete blue print you'll need to succeed.

Learn a process that actually works

     Until now, there hasn't been a system available that actually gives you a step-by-step approach to looking for and finding meaningful employment in Las Vegas Nevada and throughout Southern Nevada.
     Sometimes, you may (by chance) come across a book on advice you can follow, but it's a fact that you won't find anything specific on Las Vegas Nevada.
     In fact, most advice ends up actually slowing down the process and can distract individuals from tapping into what's really important as far as finding a job in Las Vegas.
     It's really easy to spin your wheels and get nowhere when you're not informed about what really works. Don't let this happen to you!
Here are some important things you should know to help you land a job in Las Vegas and throughout Southern Nevada:
     Landing a good paying job involves following a proven step-by-step process that incorporates your previous job-search skills with a strategic approach to communicating with job search partners.
     Like that old sayings goes, "hard work and perseverance really do pay off," and knowing the right people does make a huge difference. Especially, if you know how to have the right people work with you throughout the job-search-process.
     It's common knowledge among successful job seekers that the best way to get a job is through networking. Networking has been ranked the most effective job search strategy by both successful job seekers and employers.
     Networking allows you, the job seeker, to get an 'in' with companies and positions you wouldn't otherwise have access to or even know about.
     To make networking work, however, it's also common knowledge that you must be persistent and know where to look. We know exactly where to look, and we want to help you.
     It doesn't matter who you know, if you don't continue to achieve your goals throughout the job-search process. No amount of contacts can help you if you're not being consistent and following up with every single company you apply with.

Recognize the importance of effective, high-impact networking.

     Far too many job seekers underestimate the importance of effective networking throughout the job-search-process. Some job seekers will interpret 'networking' as simply communicating with friends, family members and other people in their community that they're looking for employment. The fact is, this is only the starting to point to effective networking.
     This is not HIGH-IMPACT networking! The old adage that no one can find you a job but yourself holds true, but many people take that to an extreme, where they don't ask for any help at all!
     Effective networking requires a job seeker to strike a balance between how much they do themselves and how much they ask for help.
     Smart networking doesn't entail asking for favors - something many people understandably wish to avoid, both for fear of looking lazy, which is embarrassing, and for fear of being rejected.
     However, when you're networking effectively you aren't asking for favors but for genuine help and direction. Once you know what sort of job you want, proactively communicate to your contacts what you're looking for.
     Ask them if they know of anyone you could talk to in the field to acquire information about employers in your targeted geographical area. At the same time, step out of your comfort zone and pass on your resume or business card to these same contacts.
     Many people know that networking can work for them, but they are confused on how to make it work for both parties. Where do all of those contacts come from? You can start with friends, family, and relatives - since they already know and care about you, they can be a great resource for passing the word along. But don't stop there! Also look to former instructors and professors, who often have a great number of contacts in the field you're targeting.
     Finally, if you're staying within the same field you worked in previously, you may want to look to former co-workers or even previous employers, if you've parted on good terms.
     Even after you've exhausted the list of people you know, you can still branch out your network. Job fairs, job clubs, professional guilds, and the like can provide you with a wealth of contacts.
     Also consider doing informational interviews at companies you're interested in working at or with people who work in a field you want to get into.
     These informational interviews can not only get you a new contact, but they serve as a catalyst for additional information you may not have had about what it takes to get into a specific company or field.

Underestimating the importance of persistence.

    All the networking in the world won't pay off if you, the job seeker, aren't persistent. You can't just sit back and expect your contacts to do the work for you.
     You still need to research companies, set up informational interviews, form new contacts, prepare resumes, and respond to ads. You must also be persistent in properly following up with your contacts.
     Just because a previous contact has failed to materialize anything within a specific timeframe doesn't mean he or she won't have something that may be helpful to you. If at all possible, make sure you continue checking back and thank them each and every time for considering you as a candidate should they see an opportunity arise in the future.
     This also holds true for job interviews. Once you've landed an interview, you must still remain persistent. Sending thank-you notes and keeping in contact with everyone that you've interviewed with until you get a definitive answer is what will help you land the job.
     Being persistent will make it so that you stay fresh and current in the interviewer's mind and it will also demonstrate your enthusiasm and dedication to getting what you want.
     Some job seekers are concerned that persistence can be annoying or rude. True persistence is neither, as long as a polite and positive manner is maintained.
     Don't be confrontational! To keep from contacting people too frequently, ask them for a time when you should contact them again. If they don't or won't give you one, try back in a week to ten days, which is a suitable amount of time. Avoid calling on Monday mornings.